Category: 1st Class

Seasonal Art

Ms O’Brien’s First Class have been busy…..

Ms Hayes’s Handiwork…


Chalk & Oil Pastel Art based on the book “Snowmen at Night”



Winter Watercolour Landscapes

Monet “Japanese Bridge over the Lily Pond”


Christmas Bells

1st Class Navitity: A Present for the Baby

The actors and actresses waiting to perform….elephants and all.. 

First Class Nature Walk Video

On Monday 17th September the two first class went on a nature walk to St. Enda’s Park.  We did bark rubbings and created pictures out of the autumnal leaves and other things.

Mini-beast Hunt

Armed with pooters and clipboards, Ms O’Brien’s First Class, under the guidance of Ms. Hyland,  go searching the nooks and crannies of the school grounds in pursuit of mini-beasts.  All creatures were returned to their natural habitat after they were observed.

Dána, Dána Rang a haon 2018

D’fhoglaim na páistí an t-amhrán ‘Dána, Dána, Rang a hAon’. Chan siad an t-amhrán agus rinne siad físeán fresin. Bhain siad taitneamh as an taití.IMG_0669