Month: November 2018

Christmas Concert Dates
Christmas Concert Dates

Christmas Concerts: 2018

Carol Service for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes in the Church on Thursday, December 13th at 7.30pm

Junior Infants: “The Nativity” Friday, 14th Dec at 9.15am

Senior Infants: “A Miracle in Town” Wednesday, 19th Dec at 9.15am

1st Class: “A Present for the Baby” Tuesday, 18th Dec at 9.15am

2nd Class: “It’s A Party” Monday, 17th Dec at 1.40pm in The Divine Word Church

The Dublin Welsh Male Voice Choir & The Vard Sisters

Tickets now available in the school office. 


Lost Property
Lost Property

We have lots of lost property in the school: uniform, tracksuits, coats, hats, swimgear, equipment.  Lost property is stored in a closet off the PE Hall.  Here are a few pictures of the coats we currently have.  If these are not claimed by the end of the month we will give them to charity or to the PA to sell.

Fabric and Fibre in Ms Murphy’s classroom
Fabric and Fibre in Ms Murphy’s classroom

Have a look at our fabric and fibre Teddy Bears and the Hama bead magnets we made.


Enrolment Applications Letter

Divine Word School,  Marley Grange

Enrolment Applications –    September 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,                                                                                                                    5th November 2018

You are now invited to apply for places in the school during the months of November 2018 to January 25th 2019 for New Pupils in September 2019.   This applies to pupils starting in Junior Infants. Early application is advisable as places are limited.

Children new to our parish who may wish to attend other classes in the school
A small number of vacancies exist in a few classes only.
Applications for these classes will be accepted up to September 2019.  (Vacancies permitting!)

1Application FormsShould be filled in, at the school, during the hours:-
9.00am - 12.00pm any school day.
OR online download from our website
NEW FAMILIES APPLYING: If living in Catchment Area, Proof of Address required i.e.: TWO ORIGINAL utility bills in parent’s name (first and surname) dated within the previous 3 months.
(Mobile Phone Bills not acceptable)
Spot checks/visits may be made by the school to verify proof of residence in the Catchment Area.
2Birth CertificateEach application must be accompanied by a Birth Certificate.
3Stamped, Self Addressed EnvelopePlease bring along a stamped self-addressed envelope (4” x 8” please) to facilitate confirmation of successful applications.


Some of your neighbours may wish to enrol their children in the school but may not receive this notice.  Please do them and us a good turn by bringing the contents of this notice to their attention.

Existing Pupils

There is no need for existing pupils to re-enrol.

In view of the anticipated demands, we shall not be able to assure you of acceptance until all the applications have been received.   Priority is given to children of the Parish and brothers and sisters of those already attending the school.   Then places will be allocated to children according to age and catchment area.

Closing date and time for applications is 2.00pm on 25th JANUARY  2019. Applications forms received after this time and date will be considered as late applications.  Please see our enrolment Policy on the school website  (Click on Board of Management).

In light of the recent Admissions Bill our Enrolment Policy is under review by the Board of Management and will soon be available on the school website.  However, the following are the Categories for enrolment in the school:-

Category 1:Siblings of current children in Divine Word NS and children of current staff.
Category 2:Children in the catchment area.
Category 3:Children of Past Pupils not in catchment area.
Category 4:Children from outside the catchment area.

All Categories will be in Date of Birth order.

First offers will be sent out at the end of February/ early March.  Should your initial application not be successful, we will keep it on our files and every effort will be made to find a place for your child in our school.

With all good wishes.

John Williams