Day: June 26, 2019

1st Class Booklist 2019

1st  Class

Book  List   2017 – 2018

Teachers:  Ms O’Brien, Ms Dempsey & Mr Conlon

(N.B. €15 Rental for the Text Book Loan Scheme will be collected in September)




Abair Liom C (Folens)



Reading Zone Combined Reading and Activity Book 3

Two Little Frogs (Folens)

Spellbound 1 – (C.J. Fallons)  (Please Do Not Cover)

Handwriting Book:  Ready to Write C1 – Introduction to Cursive (Edco)



Maths Challenge 1

Planet Maths 1 (Folens) – (Text Book only)



History Quest 1 (Fallons)

Geography Quest 1 (Fallons)



Grow in Love – 1st Class (Veritas)


Also Required:

Clear Plastic Wallet with Zip will be purchased in September by teacher.

Copies will be purchased by teachers in September.



Stationery:    Pencil Case, Crayons, Rubber, Sharpener

2 x large Glue Stick clearly labelled


Please put your child’s name on the FRONT OF EACH BOOK.

Please label your child’s stationery.

Senior Infant Booklist 2019

Senior  Infants

Book  List   2019 – 2020


Teachers: Ms Casey, Ms Pigott & Ms Frawley




Abair Liom Book B (Folens)




Supplied in School


Handwriting Book :

Ready to Write B1 – Introduction to Cursive





Planet Maths (Senior Infants – Folens)




Grow in Love (Senior Infants – Veritas)



Social, Environmental and Scientific Education

What a Wonderful World – (Senior Infants – C.J. Fallon)




Also Required:

Two large Pritt Sticks – labelled



Please cover all books and put child’s name on outside cover.




Junior Infant Booklist 2019

Junior Infants Book List – 2019 – 2020

Gaeilge:       Abair Liom A (Folens)                                                                11.05

Religion:     Grow in Love – Veritas                                                                  9.00



Contribution towards:-

  • language experience materials
  • large and small story, picture and poetry books
  • Jolly Phonics work scheme
  • individual graded reading materials and library books

which your child will take home on loan.                                  9.50


English Workbooks                                                                                        

Ready to Write A1 – (Edco)

A Handwriting Book: Introduction to Cursive                                             6.50


Maths:          Planet Maths Junior Infants (Folens)                                      11.95

SESE:             Contribution to SESE worksheets and resources                5.00


Art & Craft:

Class materials for Art, Social and Environmental studies,

Envelope folders, crayons, glue, paper, copies, pencils and

Scrap book. (Note: As specific types of copies are required

for the various subjects the class teacher will order them.)               25.00


Plastic Zip lock folders                                                                                         5.00


Computer /Technical/Software Support                                                 10.00


BOOKS:                                                                                                    €          93.00


Optional – Pupil Personal Accident Insurance:                                        7.00

24 hour cover Allianz plc                                                                                                                                                                                                                              _______

TOTAL:   Books + Insurance                                                   €         100.00