6th Class Cake Sale 2019

6th Class Cake Sale

The Student Council interviewed two 6th Class girls, Ava and Isabelle, to find out all about their recent cake sale. Read on to find out how it went!

What was the cake sale for?

The three charities we chose were, Diabetes Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland and iCAN, which stands for the Irish Children’s Arthritis Network.

Why did you choose those three charities?

We chose those charities because they were important to us. There is a boy in 6th class who has Epilepsy, so we thought it would be nice to choose that one. There are also some children in the school who have diabetes. We chose the iCAN charity because it’s a really small charity that not many people have heard of and we wanted to raise awareness about it.

How much money did you raise?

We raised €2,451!

How are you going to split the money between the three charities?

We will split it evenly between all three so each charity will get €817.

What was the most popular cake you sold?

Chocolate cupcakes and chocolate top hats were really popular. Anything with chocolate really! The younger children loved anything that has dinosaurs or unicorns on it!

Did the 6th class get to eat any cakes?

Yes. We could buy them whenever we wanted so we got to choose loads of nice things! But we did have to buy them. It is for charity so even though we baked them we still gave the money. We could also buy raffle tickets and we didn’t have to queue!

How long were you selling for?

From 8.50 until 1.30, so we were tired by the end. We also had to tidy up everything after to. It was a lot of work but it was good fun.

What other activities could you do at the cake sale?

Each stand needed a game, as well as selling cakes. We had to think up the games ourselves. We also had a raffle, did nail painting and we did face painting. When the 4th and 5th classes came in we did a thing called ‘Go Blue’ where we covered all there faces in blue paint!

How did you get prizes for the raffle?

Children in the school donated prizes. We asked for unopened and unused toys and we were very happy with all the stuff we were given. Thank you to everyone who donated!

How did you feel it went?

It was really good because we were able to help people. It’s a great way to raise money because children love cakes and charities need money so it’s a win win! It was a great day, but we were very tired by the end of it!