Acceptable Use Policy (for Children)

Link to PDF version of this with form for Parents & Children to sign.

Acceptable Use Policy

Divine Word National School has an Acceptable Use Policy in place to ensure that all pupils benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet and digital media resources in a safe and effective manner.

My name is _______________________________________________.

  • I will only go on websites that have been approved by my teacher. I will not visit an inappropriate site on purpose.
  • If I accidentally access an inappropriate site or image, I will minimise the page and tell the teacher immediately, without attracting the attention of those around me.
  • I will use the Internet and digital media for educational purposes only.
  • I will always use a safe search engine such as image bank on to look up images.
  • I will refrain from directly copying information from the Internet into my own work. I will always use my own words.
  • I will never download images or words that have nothing to do with my school work.
  • I am fully aware that everything I do on a school computer/laptop is monitored by the school.
  • I will never access my email account in school.
  • I will never access chat rooms in school.
  • In and Out of school
  • If I bring a mobile phone to school it will be switched off and in my bag until I leave the school
  • premises.

  • I will never send text messages, emails and comments that are harmful and hurtful to another person.
  • I will never give out my name, address, phone number to anyone online.
  • I will not share personal information about another person online.
  • I will always use my Username and not my real name on websites so that I can protect my identity.
  • I will never arrange to meet in person anyone I meet online

Link to PDF version of this with form for Parents & Children to sign.