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Letter from the Board Of Management re Child Protection

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Since the publication of the Murphy Report, I have received a number of letters from Dr Diarmuid Martin, the school patron, and his Education Secretariat. I am enclosing an extract from the archbishop’s letter for your information:

The report presents a detailed chronicle of the horrific abuse inflicted on children by priests and the failures in responding appropriately. Those who suffered such abuse are our first concern at this time. I know that reading the report will reawaken wounds and suffering for many people. The publication of the report is very distressing for all associated with the Church in Dublin and will make your services to the Gospel of Jesus Christ even more difficult.

We must continue to ensure that children and young people find an active and warm welcome in the Church and that all our activities are carried out according to the highest standards of child protection. Children and young people have the right to the opportunity, in a safe environment, of encountering Jesus Christ and participating in the life of the Church.

What happened must never happen again. We must all be vigilant and report any suspicions or concerns about the welfare of a child as required under Children First – National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children and the DES Child Protection Guidelines. We must keep our policies and procedures under review to ensure the safety of all the young people in our schools.

On our website,, you will find our response to the report together with information on child protection procedures in the archdiocese.

The Board of Management discussed this correspondence at our last meeting. The school has well developed child protection procedures and theses policies are posted on our website. We encourage all parents and guardians to familiarise yourselves with them.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Daire Keogh,
Chairman Board of Management