We receieved our 5th Green Flag – BIODIVERSITY in May 2013. Biodiversity means everything that lives in or around our school. We will be working on many projects over the next two years focussing on our local environment and how to protect it. Our Green code for Biodiversity is:

In Marley Granges Lands
Biodiversity is Safe in our Hands

New Biodiversity activities

We are undertaking lots of activities this year to improve the biodiversity of our school grounds. We have created a daffodil maze. We are planting lots of flowers in new flower beds and old tyres. We are going to grow herbs in some pots. We are creating a new bird table and bird feeders.

All of the trees on our school grounds will be named and we are planting a new apple tree. We are continuing growing vegetables in our vegetable plots over the winter and again in the spring time. We are making a new scarecrow for this area.

Dublin Zoo

Jim McMonagle, an Education officer from Dublin Zoo visited the 2nd and 3rd classes. They really enjoyed his visit and learned lots too. They touched a real elephants foot and tooth and many other animal parts. They watched a slideshow about Dublin Zoo. Thanks to Jim for coming to visit our school and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the children.

Hedgehog visit

The two first classes and the two senior infant classes had a visit from a hedgehog. They learned all about the hedgehog and hibernation.

Park visits Autumn 2012

All classes are again visiting St. Enda’s Park every season. The fifth and sixth classes are completing tree studies.

Our new Vegetable Garden

This year 4th class and 5th class have been very busy growing vegetables in our new garden plots. They grew potatoes, chives, radishes, peas and spring onions. It was very successful and the children brought their own freshly grown vegetables home to eat.

Biodiversity Action Week

We held a biodiversity week in school from Monday 27th February to Friday 2nd March. The science projects on the theme of biodiversity were fantastic. The parents visited the school to see all of the projects. The infant and first classes enjoyed nature learning with “Mouse” from the owls organisation. The 4th classes learned about birds and made their own bird feeders.

Ms Mullin’s class and Mr Conlon’s class are very busy developing a new school garden. They are going to grow lots of vegetables this year. All classes took part in a tree trail around the school grounds. It was a very busy week.

Science Experiments:

Bird feeders:

Tree Trail:


We had great fun making our class scarecrows. Thanks to the parents association for all of their help.

National Tree Day

On Thursday 6th October, we took some tree rubbings and studied and hugged the trees in our school grounds.