We received our fourth Green Flag for Travel, Litter and Waste, Energy and Water in March 2011

Case study

We were delighted to hear that our school was selected as a sample school in the recently launched travel toolkit for schools. Please click on the link to read this NTA-Toolkit-for-School-Travel-Final.

Golden Boot Award

Every month the Golden Boot Award was awarded to a particular class who make a great effort at walking, cycling or parking and striding to school.
golden boot


Thank you for making such an effort to walk or cycle to school every Wednesday.

On Wednesday 6th of October we relaunched our WOW and COW days. The green school committee were at all the gates giving out stickers to the children who made an effort to walk, cycle, or park and stride. We got new WOW signs and these are now displayed on the outside of the school building.

Bling Your Boot Competiton

We held a recycling competition in October 2010. The children were asked to transform an old boot, shoe or runner into a colourful artwork. The entries were fantastic (have a look below). There were two winners from every class. And well done to Mrs Kernan’s class who designed their own shoes from the beginning.

Travel Action Day

We had a super day on Friday 18th June. All of the children were encouraged to walk to school and then we got into our buddy groups and walked to the park. We had parents helping us at all major roads. We also had fruit and water when we arrived at the park.Look at all of our photographs:


We held a slogan / poster competition for all pupils in classes 3rd to 6th. There were prizes for the winners. Here are some of the winning slogans:

  • Be Cool, Don’t be a fool, Walk to school
  • Don’t drive so our planet can survive
  • Give a smile and Walk a mile
  • Ditch the car, school is not far
  • Forget the car, Nowhere is ever too far
  • Walk with me, Keep the Earth lead free
  • Let the beat, Move your feet

Bicycle Stand

We have bicycle racks installed beside the basketball yard for everyone’s bicycles.

Cycling Lessons

The two fifth classes took part in a cycling safety training course. It proved to be an invaluable experience to all involved.

Environmental Presentation

Ms Kath Poxon came to our school and gave a power point presentation to 3rd to 6th classes on Climate Change and Our School Journey. She also went to infants to 2nd and did a lesson with them on Travelling to School.

Travel Surveys

On Tuesday 3rd November we conducted a travel survey with all classes from 1st to 6th. The results were fantastic. More than half of the children walk, cycle or park and stride to school. The green school committee made graphs of all of the results and these are on display on the green school noticeboard.

We also sent the results to An Taisce for their nationwide travel survey. In February and May we did more walking surveys and all of the results were great. Every time more children are walking to school. On National walk WOW day 248 children walked to school. On National cycle COW day 46 children cycled to school. Well done to all.