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Discover what the children thought about Wellness Week 2022

Mindful Monday - Lucy 6th Class

"Our class did yoga with an instructor that visited for the week. It lasted for about 40 minutes. We all felt relaxed after and then we did a guided meditation. We closed our eyes and imagined a lot of different feelings. Some other classes listened to calming music or did some mindful colouring".

Thankful Tuesday - Shane, 3rd Class

"As part of Thankful Tuesday, we wrote thank you letters. I sent one and I got two from my friends. In the card we said thank you for being such a good friend (or teacher) and we were encouraged to be thankful for the day".

Wellbeing Wednesday - Amy, 3rd Class

"Wellbeing Week was great. We did a mindful walk and compliment sheets about the children in the class. We did mindful colouring sheets and some Yoga. We did lots of Go Noodle!"

Thoughtful Thursday - Michael, 5th Class

"We encouraged everyone to be more thoughtful. Our class got compliment sheets where you have to think of eight nice compliments about the person. The teachers did it too. Some classes did yoga as well. Thoughtful Thursday was good fun".

Feel-Good Friday - Andy, 5th Class

"We made some delicious Rice Krispie buns. We went out in the lovely weather and played some games of relay races, followed by some rounders and a race. When we came in we played some fun board games. Then to calm ourselves down we did some relaxing mindful colouring. To finish off the day, we did some art. Now that is a Feel-Good Friday".

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