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We had a Flag Raising Ceremony on Wednesday.  The Lord Mayor of South County Dublin Peter Kavanagh came to our school to raise our seventh Green flag.  This flag is for Global Citizenship and Energy.  Click here to read more.

This flag represents all the hard work and dedication of the students and staff to creating a more sustainable school and local environment over the past 2 years.  It was a team effort lead by last year's green school committee:

Maeve and Maya from 6th Class

Cian, David, Cormac from 5th Class

Aine and Erin from 4th Class


There has been a lot of work done in the last few years to get this 7th Green flag. The Green Schools Committee have helped run many initiatives such as creating and collecting Eco bricks during lockdown, clothing, battery and electrical collections, low energy days, art competitions, slogan competition, planting potatoes and other vegetable, taking meter reading of electricity and so much more.

International Day that was held in the school in June 2019 where students who had connections with other parts of the world were invited to create a project and show case it to the rest of the school in the hall.  It was a fantastic day with students and parents sharing their culture, their food, their customs and their clothes. 

Students on the committee have spoken at weekly assemblies, either on zoom, or outside in the yard and informed everyone about the different Global Goals that exist.  There is a Buddy System in place within the school, where the Green Schools committee members are assigned a younger class to work with – emptying green and brown bins weekly, as well as keeping the class informed on upcoming events. 

The Green school committee and their leaders, Ms. Larkin, Ms Lanigan and Ms Lawler, and Jimmy the caretaker have weekly early mornings meetings at 8:15am in the courtyard to brainstorm ideas and offer suggestions on how to make this school a better place for everyone. 


This year’s Green Schools Committee are continuing the legacy of the 2020 committee and are already working hard towards the 8th Green Flag for Global Citizenship and Marine Environment.  These are:

From 3rd Class we have Sophia and Grace

From 4th Class we have Isabelle and Eddie

From 5th Class we have Aisling, Mischa and Olivia

From 6th Class we have Anna and Jasmine


We also raised The Pieta Amber Flag.  This initiative recognises that the school, has created a healthy, inclusive environment that support mental well-being.

The school has a Well Being Week every year, which involves fun activities to keep everyone feeling good about themselves – dancing, yoga, mindful breathing just to name a few.  The staff and teachers work extremely hard to keep everyone safe, well and happy.