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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas


This novel is written by the Irish author John Boyne.

This story is about a small German boy named Bruno who is happily living in a beautiful house in Berlin, completely oblivious of the second world war when he is forced to move to a house in Poland which in his eyes is awful. Bruno is quite fond of exploration and often wonders what lies behind the fence that he can see from his bedroom window. Assuming it is a farm Bruno runs in the direction of it and soon sees the fence up close. As he looks around he notices a small, frail boy sitting cross-legged on the other side of the fence. He sits down in front of the boy introducing himself and it is at this moment that a friendship begins. Their friendship is difficult because Shmuel is a Jew in a concentration camp and Bruno is a German boy.

I thought this was a simple, easy read for ages of 11 and up.

I did not particularly like this book. I thought it was a bit too sad and upsetting because it was set in such a dark time. However I did find the friendship between Bruno and Shmuel quite touching.

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