Buddy Reading

By Haille, Grace, Adam & Cian

Buddy reading is a super and enjoyable way for children all ages to develop reading skills and confidence. It improves the reading and it’s a wonderful experience for all students, it also teaches us to be honourable role models. Sixth class are able to use buddy reading to use their new found responsibility as role models in the school.

By Haille and Grace.

Buddy reading is an exciting and efficient way for children to increase their reading skills while learning how to make friends with older children. While the 6th class kids are teaching the younger classes they are reminded of the times when they were the little kids, too shy to even talk to the older kids when they were the young, but now it’s their turn to boost the confidence in the young readers helping them to learn that someone they don’t know is just a friend they haven’t met yet,but overall it’s a good learning experience for both classes teaching younger kids to read and maybe inspiring and new generation of teachers.

By Adam and Cian, Ms Murphy’s sixth class

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