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5th Class Carol Service 2019
5th Class Carol Service 2019

Thanks to our fifth classes and their teachers for putting on a wonderful performance last Wednesday. Well done to our fantastic choir and teachers also. A big thank you to Mr Elmore for sharing some lovely photos with us.

Green Schools Update
Green Schools Update

Green Schools News

The newly formed Green Schools committee have been working very hard since the start of September 2019.  As part National Tree Day, on the 3rd October, they helped plant a tree in our wonderful outdoor space in the courtyard.  Our caretaker John was great at preparing an area for us to plant our tree.  Hopefully, over the next few years, we will see the tree flourish and become an important feature in the courtyard.

We had our first WOW and COW days on the 16th October.  The Green Schools committee had an early start, meeting at the school at 8:20am.   Along with Ms. Barrett, Ms. Pigott and Ms. Larkin, the children walked to our new ‘Park and Stride’ points, where they waited until 8:40am for other children to join the group and walk up to the school.

A Huge thanks to the teachers and parents that helped with this initiative.

 Thursday 24th October 2019

Clothing collection – Thanks to all who donated their unwanted clothes to this collection.  We received €72 from the Cash for Clobber scheme.  Another clothing collection will be arranged again in the spring time, so watch this space.

WEEE Recycling – Thanks to all who recycled their old and used electrical items.

Two new Initiatives:

Introduction of hand towels:

As a way to reduce the waste in our school we are asking all children to bring in a SMALL hand towel to use to dry hands.  Please ensure that you wash your child’s (children’s) hand towel every week to ensure hygiene is maintained.

Turn off your car engine when idle:

We are asking parents/minders/grandparents and all other adults who park their cars around the school grounds to TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE when you are not moving.

‘A car engine left idle for one minute produces enough exhaust fumes to fill 150 balloons.’

 These fumes are made up of harmful noxious gases, cyanide being one such gas. The gas hangs at a low lying level therefore affecting children before adults. Now that we are slowly becoming aware of the harm we are doing to the environment it makes sense to start keeping the air closest to the school as clean as possible for our children.

We wish everyone a safe, peaceful and joyous Christmas and New Year.


Maths Week 2019

Maths Week 2019


The pupils of Divine Word celebrated Maths Week 2019 from 14th – 17th October. We had a fun filled week of activities in all classes from Junior Infants to 6th class.


Pupils from 1st – 6th competed in the Mangahigh Maths Week Ireland Ninja Challenge. One pupil earned a gold medal for winning 150 Mangahigh points during the challenge. Children can continue to play Mangahigh using their unique passwords by logging onto



Children from 4th-6th attended a Coding workshop where they learnt the basics in Scratch. Scratch is a programming language designed by MIT. Students use Scratch to program their own interactive stories, activities and games.

Halloween Maths Trail

Children from Junior Infants to 6th participated in a Halloween Maths Trail. Clues were left around the grounds of the school and children were given an opportunity to answer age appropriate Maths questions. Our junior infants were busy counting while our senior classes had to use their math’s problem solving skills to answer the questions.

Card Games

Children from 3rd -6th learnt some card games.  Card games are a fun way to develop mathematical thinking and number skills. With a simple deck of traditional cards, you can bring Maths learning with you, anywhere you go: car trips, restaurants, or just relaxing at home!




Puzzles Challenge

Children from 3rd -6th participated to solve puzzles against the clock. There were brainteasers, logic puzzles and Maths riddles. Puzzles are a great way to encourage problem-solving and logical thinking.

Board Games

Our Junior Infants-2nd classes spent the  mornings enjoying traditional board games and other Maths based games  in the hall.

5th Class Booklist 2019

5th  Class

Book  List  2019 – 2020

Teachers:  Ms Hynes & Mr Timmons


(N.B. €20 Rental for the  Text Book Loan Scheme will be collected in September)



Abair Liom G



Spellbound 5 – (C.J. Fallon)

New Wave English in Practice – 6th Class (Prim-Ed) (Used over 2 years)

Handwriting Book:  Ready to Write G – Joined Script (Edco)

Handwriting Pens:

Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen (3 pack) x 3 – Black or Blue




New Wave Mental Maths 5 (Prim-Ed)

Calculator, Mathematical Set – compass, ruler etc.




Phillips Modern School Atlas (Folens) (Keep from 4th Class)




Collins Gem English Dictionary + Thesaurus

English/Irish Dictionary Collins Pocket


Copies:         2 x A4 Hard-backed Copies

2 x C3 Maths Copies

7 x A11 Copies (88 pages)

2 Refill Pads


Stationery:    Colouring Pencils                           Red Pen

Scissors                                              Rubber

Ruler                                                   2 Pritt sticks

Display folder A4 (20 pocket)


 (Divine Word School Homework Journal  –  available in School from September)


Zero Absences

This morning 73 pupils received a trophy and a certificate for attending school every day this year. Congratulations to all…