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Board of Management Meeting May 13th 2020


Divine Word NS Board of Management Meeting


Date 13/05/2020 Time 7.00pm
Venue Zoom online (COVID 19 Pandemic)
Present Daire Keogh, John Williams, Fr. Jim Mulherin, Mary O’Sullivan, David Gildea, Leisel Kealy, Peter Leonard Clare-Marie Murphy


Opening Prayer – Hail Mary
Chairpersons Report Thanked staff for efforts and John for his leadership during this pandemic.
Child Protection ·       Principals Oversight Report

·       Checklist for Annual Review of the Child Protection Policy

Principal’s Report ·       Discussion regarding Covid 19 distance learning and use of Edmodo and Seesaw platforms.

·       Weekly staff meetings via Zoom for whole staff/SEN/In school management.

·       Teachers providing CPD to our own staff via Zoom on Seesaw, Promethean, RM Maths etc

·       School building access for teachers discussed and protocols in place.

·       One parent from each family invited to collect books and equipment next Wed 20th May at designated times.

·       SNA Allocation

·       Report cards

·       No standardised testing this year

·       Stay Safe lessons must be addressed by parents at home.

·       Preparations for the return to school for the school year 2020/21will be addressed by the board when guidelines are issued from the department.


Policies and Circulars ·       Admissions Policy approved by the school Patron, Archbishops House.
Finance ·       Voluntary Sub discussed

·       Swimming refunds to be issued.



Board of Management February Report


Divine Word NS Board of Management Meeting


Date 25/02/2020 Time 7.30pm
Venue Divine Word NS
Present Daire Keogh, John Williams, Fr. Jim Mulherin, Mary O’Sullivan, David Gildea, Leisel Kealy, Clare-Marie Murphy


Apologies Peter Leonard  
Opening Prayer – Lenten Prayer
Chairpersons Report Correspondence


Child Protection Principals Oversight Report
Principal’s Report ·       Grandparent’s day a great success. Thanks to Fr Jim for celebrating mass which was well attended and thanks to PA for providing refreshments.


·       Primary Language in-service day to be held on March 27th– school closure.


·       Irish curriculum inspection report on and to be posted on our website.


·       Pilot School Inclusion Model- SNA frontloading discussed.


·       In school management meeting on 26/2 and staff meeting to be held on 02/03


·       Infant parent teacher meetings completed


·       Marley’s Got Talent was a great success. Thanks to teachers for organising.


·       Children from 3rd-6th taking part in Irish dancing workshops this week in preparation for Seachtain na Gaeilge.


·       Junior infant registrations held on 17/2 and 18/2


·       Barnardos Workshops held for 5th and 6th class on bullying. Parent’s workshop held on 18/2. Only 9 parents attended.


·       U13 Credit Union Quiz team into next round having won round one.

U11 team did very well and we are proud of them also.


Policies and Circulars ·       New Admissions template from DES discussed

·       Circular 0008/20 Postgraduate in Special Education

·       Circular 0009/20 Graduate Diploma in Autism

Finance Banking system explained to BOM

Voluntary Sub letter to be sent to parents

BOM approved accounts to be sent to FSSU by school accountant.