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Mangahigh Maths at Home

Mangahigh Maths Practice at Home

Mangahigh is a game-based learning platform for primary and secondary school mathematics. It uses the principles of growth-mindset and play to improve confidence and achievement. Our school purchased an annual subscription and we recommend that you use it while the schools are closed.

How does it work?
Encourage your child to login daily. They will then be able to choose an assignment
• Click the Browse all Activities
• Choose class level
• Choose an assignment

Mangahigh strongly recommends that your child play each activity three times. They will be asked increasingly difficult questions each time they play.

We have noticed that a small number of the activities recommended for class levels are very difficult. If your child is struggling to answer the easy and medium questions in an assignment, then this may well be the case. Encourage your child to move on to a new assignment It may be that your child has not yet covered the content of this assignment in school.

We would be delighted if your child completed 3-4 assignments a week. They are welcome to try more.

What can I do if my child has forgotten their login details?
Please email your class teacher and they will send it to you

What is an Achievement?
A Bronze medal demonstrates a basic understanding of the key teaching objectives of the challenge. . A Silver or Gold medal demonstrates a secure and exceptional understanding of the teaching objective. Please celebrate all medals. In many of the activities a gold medal will only be achievable for children who are exceptionally gifted at maths.

Mangahigh Monthly Challenge
Each month our school participates in a monthly challenge against other schools from the UK and Ireland. Please encourage your child to view these scores when they login so that they can partake in the excitement.