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First Class Mini-beast Hunt

On Thursday we went on a Mini-beast Hunt all around the school’s grounds. Worms, wasps, caterpillars, slugs, ants, woodlice galore.  Some people enjoyed it more than others.

Mini-beast Hunt

Armed with pooters and clipboards, Ms O’Brien’s First Class, under the guidance of Ms. Hyland,  go searching the nooks and crannies of the school grounds in pursuit of mini-beasts.  All creatures were returned to their natural habitat after they were observed.

Nature Walk around the school.

Senior Infants enjoyed their Nature Walk around the school today.  Take a look at the surprising things we found – even some blackberries for our big break!!

Dogs Trust Visit

We were very lucky to have Paul Cleary from Dogs Trust, come into our school to talk about his dog Magic.

He taught us lots about caring for our dogs and gave us advice on the do’s and dont’s of caring for our pet dogs.

He discussed what to do if we meet a dog that we don’t know that is with their owner and a dog not with their owner.

We had a great time and learned lots of interesting facts.  Paul was excellent and left us some stickers and colouring pages –

Thank You Paul!


Jungle Dave
Jungle Dave

Jungle Dave came to visit this morning. He told us all about his reptiles. We had a chance to lift a snake and listen to a snapping turtle snap!

Thanks to our PA for organising his visit.

Here are some pictures:

Click here to watch the snapping turtle Snap!