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Grandparents Day Writing by Mr O Connell’s Class

Have a read of some excellent pieces written by Mr O Connell’s class.


4th Class Welcomed their Grandparents yesterday
4th Class Welcomed their Grandparents yesterday

Thank you to all the grandparents who came into Room 4 yesterday.  We had a super time showing them our classroom and our work.  The grandparents were amazing at dancing to our Free Style GoNoodle.  We were all very impressed.  We loved listening to stories from the past and looking at old photographs.

Take a look at all the fun we had.


Grandparents Day 2019
Grandparents Day 2019

What a day!

Thank you so much to all our grandparents for travelling to be with us on this special day. A huge thank you to Fr Jim, our wonderful PA, our 6th class helpers and not forgetting our fabulous caretaker John.



Here are some of the pictures taken by our 6th class photographers…..

Grandparents’ Day Ms. O’Brien’s First Class

Thank you to all the wonderful grandparents who visited Room 12 today.  We loved listening to their stories and looking at the photos and objects that they brought in. We enjoyed asking them questions about school life when they were young and playing Bingo with them.  Here are some photos of grandparents with their grandchildren and the grandchildren they adopted for the day.