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Class of 2020 Picnic

A special thanks to our PA for organising a wonderful send off to our two 6th classes.

Thanks to Bobby Healy for providing drones for this awesome footage!


Grandparents Day 2020
Grandparents Day 2020

What a huge success! Thank you so much to all our Grandparents for visiting us today.

Thanks to the PA for all their help with directions and for the lovely tea and treats!

We are very proud of our 6th class pupils and they were excellent hosts today.

A huge thank you to Fr Jim for celebrating mass with all our grandparents.

And a massive thank you to all our teachers and staff for helping organising such a big event.

Go raibh maith agaibh.

We have a few pictures of today!


Mrs Mc Donnell’s Junior Infants and their Grandparents



Mr Conlon’s Class



More photos!


“A Grandparent is someone you look up to no matter how tall you get”

We Cordially invite you to celebrate

Grandparents Day


Wednesday 29th  January 2020

Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Jim Mulherin O.S.M. in Divine Word Church at 10am (optional)

Followed by visits to classrooms at 10:45 am until 11:45 am approx.

Refreshments in the hall 11:45am to 12:30pm

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Healthy Eating Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

As part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Programme, at Divine Word N.S. we encourage the children to become more aware of the need for healthy food in their lunch boxes.

To promote healthy eating habits in our school, Board of Management, Parents Association and teachers have revised our healthy eating policy.


  1. To promote the personal development and well-being of the child
  2. To promote the health of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living


  1. To enable the child to appreciate the importance of good nutrition for growing and developing and staying healthy
  2. To enable the child to accept some personal responsibility for making wise food choices and adopting a healthy, balanced diet.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the children getting a good breakfast each morning before they come to school.  Lunch is an important meal for school-going children. It should be healthy, nutritious and balanced. In our school the children eat three times a day: fruit break/little break/big break. Please ensure your child has enough to drink each day. Children are advised to bring home any uneaten/unwanted food. Please keep an eye on your child’s lunchbox and adapt accordingly.


Divine Word N.S. is a NUT FREE ZONE due to allergies in the school.


We ask that children do not bring the following to school:

  • Snacks known to be high in sugar, saturated fat, salt, additives and preservatives, including the following:
  • Crisps (including crisp-style snacks and Pringles)
  • Sugary drinks (including fizzy fruit-flavoured water, energy drinks etc)
  • Nut products (including Nutella/Peanut butter/cereal bars containing nuts)
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate/chocolate bars
  • Biscuits
  • Chewing gum
  • Fruit winders
  • Lollipops
  • Cakes/buns


If such foods are brought to school, children will be asked to bring them home in their lunchboxes.


Sharp implements such as forks, knives and cocktail sticks should never be included in a child’s lunchbox.


For ideas on healthy lunches please refer to the Safe Food Website where the HSE have compiled a list of suggestions.


Treat Day

Friday will be our treat day. On this day, children can bring ONE of the following:

  • Treat/ fun sized bar
  • Treat/ fun sized bag of sweets
  • Small biscuit
  • Small cereal bar
  • Small home bakes

Children are not encouraged to share lunches in school and should not bring in share bags or treats to share.


N.B. Parents/guardians of any child with a medical condition which requires a special diet should contact the school.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 26/02/2019




The Dublin Welsh Male Voice Choir & The Vard Sisters

Tickets now available in the school office.