Confirmation 2015

By Megan, Anna, Caoimhe & Fiona

Our sponsor is a huge part of our confirmation. The person you choose should be somebody you look up to. Perhaps either of your parents, depending on what the person means to you. Even somebody who is a small aspect of your life is a perfect candidate for the task at hand as long as they mean something to you.

The sponsor will accompany you in various masses, such as the service of light and of course what it all leads up to the confirmation itself.

The help and support that Marley Grange are prepared to give to us is very much appreciated. The preparation that leads up to confirmation is slow but steady and most of us are yet to discover what it means. Our confirmation is what all of this preparation is for. Confessing yourself and accepting the Holy Spirit and in some ways partially accepting the bitter truth that it is time to move on as the year nears it’s end.

Confirmation is a time to respect each other a little bit more and start growing up. As we approach our confirmation we will mature much more and become more responsible. We will of course miss Divine Word very much and all of our friends whom we have been with here for eight years. When we move on to different school we will always remember Marley and all of the things we have done here. These past eight years have been a roller coaster for each and every one of us but it has been amazing and we hope to get on well in our new schools. Well that’s what Confirmation means to us but the real question is what does it means to you?

In preparation for our Confirmation we will all make a scrapbook. In our scrapbook we talk about juggling different things in life such as sport, school and family. We will also talk about spiritual speeches and prayers. We will confess to God about the things we have done wrong in life. We will all choose our own middle name for our Confirmation. You would normally pick the name of someone you look up to or a saint such as Brigid or Patrick. Just you wait and see, our Confirmation date is yet to be discovered.

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  1. Emer Ni Chiaruain
    I can't wait for my Confirmation!
    September 29, 2014 at 10:57 am

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