Croke Park Boys Final


On Monday the 10th of June our school team played the hurling final in Croke park. It was a very close match against worthy opponents. Our opponents were Chnoc Liamhna. On the morning of the match our class were split up. The morning felt very long and tense because we were all very apprehensive myself and Evan were in Ms O’Brien’s class and the only work we got done was our mental maths and we did Zumba with Ms Graham. We ate lunch and then we went to the hall and Mr Williams wished us good luck and then we went on the bus to Croke park. The atmosphere was electric on the bus Alavro was leading the chants. Most of the journey was swift except for one road which took about 20 minutes to get down because of the traffic. When we got to the stadium we sat down and started watching another match. One of their players was quite skilful and we were all begging to feel increasingly nervous for our oncoming match.

After a while we were called to our dressing room where everyone prepared for the match. We walked out of the dressing room and walked onto the pitch and started our warm-up on the pitch. However, a photographer came up and took our team photo. Then the match got underway the match was tight the whole way through. In the last minute one of their players made a clean catch, turned around and struck the ball sweetly and the suspense was unbearable but he hit the crossbar and we all let out a sigh of relief as Tadhg scored the winning point. As the final whistle blew our team all shouted wildly cause we had won the game by one point.


Many thanks to our astounding coaches Mr Reilly and Mr Timmons we couldn’t have done it without you.

Evan, Tom and Oisín.