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Yesterday on the 16th of September the Garda Band came into our school. We all brought out our chairs and sat in the yard. The conductors name is Pat. Their first song was Ghostbusters. Everyone was clapping, all the junior infants were dancing. Pat was a great conductor. It was John the caretakers birthday and we all sang happy birthday to him.

We played a guessing game when we had to guess the instruments. We got them all right. Our prize was no homework. The whole school cheered and clapped. Then Pat told all the teachers to get up and dance to head shoulder knees and toes. It was so funny. They played The Simpsons theme song and everyone loved that. One Garda sang Valerie. He was outstanding. For their last song they played Galway Girl. It was a great day. Thank you to the parents association for organising it.

By Laura and Lauren

Officer Pat explained we were going to play a game and we all cheered and then when he said that if we win we get no homework and we cheered even louder!
He said someone from the band would play music and we had to name the song and the instrument.

For the first song a Garda came up and played Yankee Doodle on the piccolo. We got it right, the second song was Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes on the flute. Also we got that right. We got all the rest right. He exclaimed that we were the first ever school to get it right. He mentioned it was John the caretakers birthday and we all sang happy birthday to him. The instruments in the Garda band were the tuba, saxophone, trumpet and the uphonium that’s the brass section. The wooden section were the guitar,piccolo,flute and the drum.

Everybody was clapping because officer Pat told us to clap. Officer Pat was doing head shoulders knees and toes then we all copied him. The teachers all got up and did head shoulders knees and toes. Thanks to the Parents Association for oragansing the event.

By John & Sean Z

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  1. Anna Budds
    The Garda band was fantastic. I really enjoyed it.
    September 29, 2014 at 10:51 am

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