Grandparent’s Day 2017

Grandparent’s Day 2017 

Thank you so much to all our grandparents for coming in to visit us toady. Grandparents traveled from all over to be with us today and we even had some from Limerick, Kilkenny and two flew in from Scotland!

The children learned lots and were delighted to hear all the stories from long ago. We loved looking at photos and some classes even saw a Communion dress and others played games from long ago with Vera!

A special thanks to everyone who sent in cakes and treats, the grandparents loved them! A big thank you to our wonderful PA for putting on a delicious spread.

Eddie’s Grandma Nóra came up from Limerick especially to be with us today. She told us great stories about her First Confession and Ms Murphy’s class loved the one about the dreaded ‘bata’.

Click here to hear about the Bata


Here are  Éabha’s (Ms Murphy’s class) Mamó and grandad when they were young:


Photo 01-02-2017, 12 13 34 Photo 01-02-2017, 12 13 05 Photo 01-02-2017, 12 12 53 Photo 01-02-2017, 12 12 44


Here is a picture of Euan’s (Ms Murphy’s class) grandad long ago:

Photo 01-02-2017, 11 59 32

Here are photos from Amy’s  (Ms Larkin’s class) grannies:

Spot Gran, the Little Red Indian in the Nativity play long ago! Photo 01-02-2017, 12 39 46

Granny’s Granny

Photo 01-02-2017, 12 39 05


Here are some photos of the day: