We are very proud of the teaching and learning of Maths in our school. We have a fully resourced Maths Resource Room. As part of our Early Intervention Programme, we provide in-class support using the Mata sa Rang and Number Worlds scheme. The children are involved in Maths trails around the schoolgrounds and the local parks.

In Divine Word we wish to instil a love of Mathematics in our pupils. We hope to prepare them for the mathematics they will need in the future. Students need to be taught to be quantitatively literate, to think flexibly and creatively and how to problem solve.

One way you can help your child with Maths is to play games with them. Playing games is beneficial for children’s learning. We know that one way children learn is through social interaction (talking, listening and exploring) with other people. Research shows that there is a greater degree of enthusiasm and positivity towards the subject when games are involved (Burnett, 1992). There is also evidence to show that children are more likely to engage in mathematical cognitive processing while playing a game.

The games linked below just require a pencil and paper or a packing of playing cards.

Number bonds to 10

Card games - Adding and Highest Number.

Number Games 3rd to 6th

Please keep checking back as we add more games and activities.

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