Our School

By Tess, Anna, Jack, Abdullah, Joshua and Filip

This is our school Divine Word. Our school has been awarded 4 green flags. We have a spacious library filled with books that range from junior books to books for the older kids in the school. We have a computer room with enough computers to occupy everyone in the class with a staggering 31 computers all protected by a nanny guard. Then we have our P.E. hall filled with an assortment of amazing P.E. equipment. No one ever gets bored in P.E. We also have a rather large P.E. hall that we use if it is raining or too cold outside.

Right in the middle of the school we have a small peaceful garden with a pond filled with fish and plants where the teachers and students enjoy their lunch on a bright, warm day. Our school also has a sports field and a basketball yard that each senior class gets to enjoy during lunch break. We have three yards one for the junior infants, one for the senior infants and first class and one for the senior end of the school. That’s the tour of our school we hope you like it.

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