Sporting Events this year

During yard time we have three sports going on one is skipping another is football and the final one is basketball.

Skipping: There are two designated areas in the senior yard. The juniors don’t have skipping ropes because they are too young and they might hit each other with them. There are four different types of of skipping ropes, the first one is the smallest, the second is for taller people, the third one is for two people to skip and the last rope is for about seven people.

Football: We do soccer on the grass in front of the 5th class prefab. It’s really enjoyable but sometimes it gets out of hand and people start kicking each other and slidetackling people without the ball. People are allowed bring in their own footballs but they have to keep them in a bag or else it will be confiscated. If anyone kicks the ball over the fence more than two times we aren’t allowed to continue playing. There are two pitches one for each class. If the grass is wet we aren’t allowed play and it has to be confirmed by John the caretaker.

Basketball: Once a week we go to the basketball yard during break to play basketball. We are allowed bring in our own basketballs but if we don’t have any the school gives two to each class one for the boys and one for the girls. There are basketball hoops inside but we aren’t allowed inside during break.

By Emer & Abdullah

One kilometre a day!

The current sixth class are doing one km a day, and by the end of the year we hope to reach our goal of one hundred kilometres. We take a route around the school and run it three times.

At lunchtime a number of classes get to play football, basketball and skipping. The school introduced skipping last year for Friendship Week and we have continued it as the whole school really enjoyed it. Also at lunchtime a different class gets to go up on the green and play football, meanwhile on the two basketball courts other classes are enjoying their lunchtime too playing basketball.

By Lara and Robin

In Divine Word we love sport and especially Gaelic football so this year we are delighted to be on the team for our final year here.

Here are the lads from 6th who are on the Gaelic football team: Ronan Cullen, David Monahan, Killlian Ryle, Matthew Rudden, Sean Doran, Luke Cullen, Jack Funge, Sean Gentleman, Adullah.N, Cian Larkin, Dylan Bryne, Azam.A and John Hudson. We are hoping to make croker!

By Matthew & Ronan

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