Start of School Year Mass

We will be having a school mass on Friday 26th September to celebrate the start of the new school year. The theme of our mass will be friendships and hope for the year ahead.

Here are some reasons why we go to mass:

  • We go to mass to show our respect to God
  • People go to mass because they enjoy going to the church
  • People go to mass because they like being Holy
  • People go to mass for a lot of different reasons,but none are negative reasons towards God.

By Josh & Christian

We are writing a lot of prayers this year because we are making our Confirmation this year and we need some help from God so we are writing to God to see can he help us have a suburb year and give us the Holy Spirit. This is our last year and we need to get on with everybody because we might never see each other again so we must make the most of this year.

By Sean G & Jack

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