Start of year work

This year Ms Hynes 6th class are going to do projects on the counties of Ireland. We’re not allowed to do Dublin because it was too simple and here in Divine Word we love a challenge.

Isabella has chosen Kilkenny and here are some of the interesting facts she has found: the Kilkenny cats the, Gaelic football team, got their name because they would hang two cats by here tails and they would fight to the death. Jonathan Swift, the famous writer, studied in Kilkenny.

Fintan has Leitrim and here is his fact: a man in World War Two earned the pilots cross and was from Leitrim but sadly he was shot down in Malaysia.

Ciaran has Mayo and here are his facts: Mayo was named after a town that was not even in Mayo, or even in Connacht! Mayo’s Irish name (Maigh Eo) means land of the yew tree.

By Ciaran, Isabella and Fintan.

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