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Weather Warning

Dear Parents / Guardians


I hope you are keeping well and have recovered from the Christmas Festivities.


You may have noted a Yellow weather warning for snow and ice in the Dublin area for the week.  This may cause problems for children, parents and teachers travelling to school.  If it is obvious to you that road conditions are so hazardous that staff and children may not be able to reach the school, please DO NOT send the children to school until 10.00am.


If a RED ALERT is announced, the school will CLOSE until this alert is lifted.


You are asked to adopt a common sense approach. 

If in doubt wait.


In the event that the school has to close we will inform you by:-


  • Text


  • A message will be left on the school answering service (if possible)


Please note again that if a RED ALERT is announced the school will CLOSE until this alert is lifted.


Yours sincerely



John Williams