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4th Class Blog on their Tour to Clara Lara

Justin’s blog

On Wednesday the 15/6/16.  The two fourth classes and the teachers went on a bus parked outside the school.  We left at 9:00am and we arrived at 10:00am I was Lochlann’s partner to Clara Lara in Wicklow.  There is loads cool things to go on like go carts Free fall,a lake to swim in,Tarzan rope to swing into the lake and kicking.  My favourite thing was the free fall.  We went to Clara Lara because every year your goes on a school trip.


James Hi i am James and this is my blog

On the 15th of June 2016 two 3rd classes and two 4th classes all w travelled  to Clara Lara County Wicklow the way we got there was two busses a double decker bus and a singe deck bus it was great fun I played a game of go carts withAdam Alex Luke and I Alex came 1st Luke 2nd I came 3rd and Adam last and after that I ran over to the mini golf course with Luke Alex and I I really liked the  golf after that I walked over to the Tarzan swing after that I was really hungry so I ran over to the tuc shop to get something to eat me Alex andAdam got curry chips and Luke got a doh nut before we left Aobh Zara Chirstopher and I all went on a boat and me and Chris hoped out and swam by the time that ended we had to get changed into our spare clothes and off we went back to school


Adam blog

I walked to school , my teacher opened the door and let us in. We all sat down in our sits, Ms murphy did the roll call to see if everybody was in. 3rd and 4th class went to Clara Lara, Wicklow. The mentor showed us around our base. James, Alex, Luke and I walked to the first thing and it was kiacking. After an hour and a half Alex and I ran back to base to get something to eat. Then James, Alex, Luke and I line up to go on the go carts. We all slowly walk back to base to get our money. James, Alex and I got curry chip and Luke got a donut and a can of coke. Then we went on more rids and then we were called in to get changed. It was about 1 o’clock when we got on the bus. Luke and I asked each what was the best thing of the tour. We all had an amazing time 🙂


Olivia’s blog!

Hello! I am Olivia!
This year, for our school tour, we drove to Clara Lara! It was one of my favourite school tours!

I walked to school at 8.45a.m on Wednesday, the fifteenth of June. The two 3rd classes and the two 4th classes went,the teachers of those classes and some other teachers. We left the school at approximately 9.15a.m. We got on the bus and I was partners with Eabha. We arrived at around 10.05a.m. My favourite attraction was ‘The Tarzan Swing’. The Tarzan Swing, was were  there was a rope hanging from a tree above, and a miniature, man-made lake was right in front of you. You’d pull back the rope and then cling on to it and jump off into the lake! It was so much fun I did at least 7 times! (I lost track!) my least favourite attraction was the water slide. It was immense! Water poured down it really fast and you’d sit on a board and go flying down! Even though it was only around ten seconds long, it felt like ten minutes! My face felt like it was going to fall off it was so fast! When it was over I thought I was going to vomit, but luckily I didn’t! I would not recommend this attraction.

Clara Lara is located in Laragh, county Wicklow.

We drove to Clara Lara on the fifteenth of June, 2016

We travelled to Clara Lara because we enjoyed it so much last year!

The water was freezing and I did mention that I thought I’d vomit, but overall I loved it!

The end!



Gerard’s blog

The third and fourth classes and their teachers left at 9:15 am and drove on a bus to an amazing place called Clara Lara located in in a lovely county in Ireland called Wicklow.

We slid down a huge water slide and swung on an old rope over a long stony river.We ran over to a shop and bought two 99s for €2.50.

At the end of the day we had to get changed and when we where ready we would go back to school on the bus.We got back to school at 2:35 pm and we where just on time to go home.




On the 15th of June 2016 the 3rd and 4th classes of Divine Word N.S got to go on their school tour to Clara Lara Fun Park in county Wicklow. A school tour is when your class get to go on a tour to somewhere such as a farm. it is to makeup for all the hard work you have done throughout the year. First, everyone came into the classroom to check everyone was there. Then we gathered our bags and walked outside. We got onto a double decker bus with a kind bus driver sitting in the drivers seat. I sat at the back of the bus on the bottom floor. The bus drive was roughly 45 minutes. When we got there we put our bags at base camp. Then we were allowed to explore! There were lots of attractions everywhere! Such as a humongous treehouse, a small Tarzan swing, a bigger Tarzan swing, go-carts, canoes, boats and a water slide. My favourite was the boats. Aswell as going on the attractions, you could buy sweets in the shop. I bought two sugar- coated doughnuts. They were delicious


Aimee’s blog

On Wednesday the 15/6/16 we came into school and got the bus to Clara Lara which is located in Co. Wicklow. The journey on the was about 40minutes long. When we arrived at Clara Lara we played in the playground before getting wet. I played on the swings and slides. Then me and my partner Mya went and swung on the ropes afterwards we went on the canoes with Hannah ,Amy it was lots of fun!!! Amy Hannah Mya and me went on the go-karts together,after Hannah and I watched Amy and Mya  on the water slide ,while Amy and Mya were queuing Hannah and I went back to base and Hannah got chips. Later on in the day we got chips and candy floss.At 12:30 we got changed so at the end we wouldned have to try and get changed really quickly. Then Mya and I ate our lunch and talked to the 3rd and 4th class afterwards we played in the playground. I went down the the slide and got a little wet as the slide was wet. At one o clock everyone got changed. At 1:30we left  Clara Lara and went onto the bus to go home. Me and Mya got to sit at the front and it was fun to look out the window. When we came back we went home. It was a great day!!!((;;(



I went to Clara Lara Funpark on the 15th of June. It was a hot and sunny day when I walked to school. I walked into the classroom and sat down. Everyone was chatting and seemed quite excited. The two third classes and the two fourth classes were going. The bus came at 9:00. I felt happy and excited. My partner was Erin. We went up the bus stairs to the top of the bus. The bus drive was about an hour long. I looked out the window and saw the giant Clara Lara sign, everyone   cheered happily. We got our wrist-bands on and we were off. I jogged around the giant water park. There was canoes, a Tarzan swing, (a giant structure with ropes hanging down, which you grab and swing over a big pool of water) rowing boats, race-carts, water slides and some fun climbing activities. I had such a fun day. Even though I was wet and tired I was happy. We went home on the bus and got home at 2:30. The two third classes arrived before us. Me and Erin went home. I told my Mum how Erin and I had gone on a giant rowing boat. I also told her all the animals I saw on the way since Clara Lara was in Wicklow. What a lovely day!


Amy’s blog

I came into school and took down my chair and got my bag ready to go on the bus My partner and I got a seat on the bus my partner name is Hannah it took us 1 hour and a half we where there for 3 hours and 45 mins I went on the water slide 5 times I got on the go karts and kayaking and the Tarzan swing it was so funSorry I forgot to tell u where I went and who came I went Clara Lara in WicklowAnd on the outskirts of Lara town and I went the other 4th class andthe 2 3rd class I went into the big lake and I went down the slide and then got food I had  to get dressed now it was time to go home now bye


Artiom’s Blog

When I came to school,I was really happy because I knew I was going to Clara Lara.It was really interesting and exciting.We left school at 9.00,we hoped on the white double decker bus.1hour later we arrived to Clara Lara. The first thing I did I ran on the Pirate ship and after that I walked back to base and had a tasty snack. Then I went to the go karts with my partner Donnacha. After that I went by myself to the big slide, it was hard carrying the boards because I had to stop 5 times to catch my breathe on the steep hill.It was kinda creepy on the slide but it was fun.We had 10 minutes left so we went to dress up.It was really sad leaving because I enjoyed it really much


Conor’s blog

On Wednesday we went to Clara Lara on the 15th of June with my class the other fourth class and third class with some teachers.We travelled to Clara Lara on a double decker bus.Clara Lara is in county Wicklow.We finally arrived at Clara Lara.The first thing I did was the Tarzan rope it was really fun but the water was freezing cold and the water wasn’t clear after that I wandered over to another Tarzan rope but this one you had to jump into water and swim over to where you could get out of water.Next I went over to a raft on the water I hopped onto it but then the raft started drifting away from the edge that was annoying because It meant I had to get off the raft  and go into the freezing cold water and walk on the hard stones under my feet.Suddenly I fell off the raft and twisted my knee after that I did pretty much nothing but I had lots of fun!!!


Hannah’s blog

Me, my class, the other 4th class, the two 3rd classes and the four teachers went on our school tour to Clara Lara on Wednesday 15th June. We left school at 9.15am and set off to Clara Lara in Co.Wicklow. Me and my friend chose the seats at the back of the bus. The journey took about 45 minutes and we arrived at around 10.00am. We clambered out of the bus and lined up to get our wrist bands on. I looked up at the sky,I was so excited and I knew it was going to be a brilliant day. The first thing me and my friend did was to swing on the Tarzan rope into the river,I got cold water shock! Then we ran over to the go karts and lined up to get our turn. My friend went on the free fall!It was a great day and it went really well!


Hiba’s blog

On the 15th of June I visited the Aras an Uachtaran with Charlie and Maeve. We left the school at 9:30am. Ms.Larken drove us there. We arrived in a parking lot. A bus drove me to a marquee while Charlie,Maeve and Ms.Larken got a bus to the President’s garden. When I arrived at the marquee a nice lady told me and some other children to find the tables with lanterns on it and sit on the chair with my name in front of it. The marquee was very large. 40 children (including me) carried lanterns to a stage to commemorate the 40 children who died during the 1916 Rising. The stage was huge and it had wooden boxes on it for us to put the lanterns in them. Michael D  Higens gave an amazing speech about how children know about what is happening in the world and want to change it. He also talked about what life was like 100 years ago. I ate fancy little cakes,chocolates and sandwiches for lunch.  After that ceremony I walked outside of the marquee. There were lots of fun activities. Maeve and I played a round of giant Jenga. There we’re huge inflate able footballs. There was an old fashioned carousel. Two bands were playing fun music. I took a picture with the president and Joe Duffy. Before we left we found a tank and an army truck. We took pictures in them. It was very fun. We had conversations with some army men. They were very kind. We hopped on the bus back to the parking lot at about 3:15. Ms Larken then took us back to the school. We arrived at 4:00. We got to go there because last year we attended an event at the Collins Barracks about the 1916 Rising. Michael D Higens invited us to the Aras an Uachtaran for a treat. I had an amazing day.


Leon’s blog

My school tour was.on on the 16 of June  2016 . I arrived in school early so I would not miss the bus.my partner for the bus was Daniel . My tour was located in a waterpark called clara Lara . I was going with 3 other classes and about 5 teachers . When we arrived we left are bags in the cabin . I went on an enormous  water slide that me feel sick because it went straight down . I climbed loads of things then I bought an ice cream . After that I went to the gocarts . I was second for a while but I crashed into a wall and an other person and I finished 4 . Then I bought popcorn and we had to go home . THE END


Lola’s Blog!!

On the 15th of June 2016 I travelled to an excitingly wonderful place. It is called Clara Lara. It is in Wicklow.I drove there with my class, the other 4th class, the two third classes and a lot of teachers. The bus journey there was exhilarating and fun. When we arrived at the huge, beautiful place everyone ran off to have fun straight away. I ran to the small, cute treehouse with about 20 other people. Our school was the 1st one to arrive at the place. We were sent to Clara Lara because every year we go on a school tour!


Mya’s blog

Hi guys, First we arrived at school at 8:30. Then we got on the double-decker bus . On the way there me and my partner Aimee sat beside the cooling window where the sun was blooming in ☀️. The 3rd class came with us too . Our school tour was in Clara Lara this year Co. Wicklow . When we got there we took off our seat belts and started jogging out of the bus, and said ‘thank you’ to the bus driver. As I stepped out of the bus I felt the stones beneath my feet . We had to line up to get our wristbands on . We all got bright orange ones . It said ‘h’ on the back , because h standed for hotel , and when someone got lost they would call out hotel. So we made our way into Clara Lara . We walked through the stones until we came to a narrow bridge , so we went across the bridge to get to the other side . So when we got there the instructor told us some safety rules . When she was finished talking me and Aimee ran off ready to play. I went on the big water slide. We also went to the shops and I got chips and candy floss . When we were finished in Clara Lara Ms.Murphy lined us all up in two’s. We got on the bus and went up the steep stairs and sat at the front window. Then we arrived back at the school at 2:30I had a great school tour this year 


Oscars Blog

On Wednesday 15th of June we went on our school tour to Clara Lara in County Wicklow. When we got into school we sat down and got ready for the bus. We got into partners and lined up at the door. After what seemed like half an hour we were finally allowed to go outside. We all rushed in a messy line to the bus. When we all clambered on I tried to get a seat at the back. On the way we chatted contently so the time flew! It was about 10 o’clock when we arrived at Clara Lara. I was expecting it to rain but it was fairly warm. There were two 3rd classes and two 4th class going from Divine Word alone so it was very busy. Everyone dumped their bags in a small shack and ran off to go on all the attractions. I ran to a treehouse first . I was a bit apprehensive at first but I eventually climbed up and I loved it. Then I climbed a big rope net and I cut my leg. I limped over to the people working there and they put a plaster on my knee. I was grateful that my friends didn’t leave to go on the rides. After I was all sorted me and my friends ran to the rides. There was a delay when my friend Aobh’s flip flop fell off and we had to go and fetch them in the river. But we got them eventually and went on all the rides. We went on the Tarzan swing, The go kart, the kayaks and we bought donuts in the shop. We were in the middle of the lake when we had to go so we rushed back to base and changed. It started raining when we were in the bus so I felt lucky.We played Truth or Truth on the way back because you can’t really do dares on a bus. When we got out of the bus we went straight home.





Aobh’s blog
I loved my school tour so much. Our school tour was on the 15th of June. We left school at around 9:00am to set off to Clara Lara. Clara Lara is a water park in Wicklow. The bus journey was 45 mins and me and Alice Zara Lola Chris Alex Adam Cody and Oscar where at the back of the bus. We played games and danced to the songs. When we arrived I got very excited. We got off the the bus and one of the instructors gave us a wrist band.


It was the 15/6/16 Wednesday June. We went on a bus at 9 o’clock we got to Clara Lara at 10 o’clock. I went to the playground first then I sprinted to the Tarzan swing I went on it 24 times. I got drenched on the Tarzan swing. Lots of my friends arrived to the to the Tarzan swing and we played in the water. After we hopped on the go-carts and I came 2nd 1st was Zara. When it was nearly home time we got on the boats. Oscar and I dragged the boat while Alice and Lola just sat in the boat. In the end I had a ball. We went there for our school tour.
Daniels blog
Hi all
My school tour was on Wednesday the 16th of June . The tour was to Clara Lara fun park Co. Wicklow. The 3rd and 4th classes of divine word and their teachers travelled by double ecker bus. When we got there the instructors who were dressed in blue gave us bright orange wrist bands with the letter h on it and showed us our base which was base h and the rules then me Ged and Leon played on the Tarzan swings the go karts the tall water slides the tree house and the Tarzan swings . Then it was time to go home. The trip was ok
but not worth the 25 euro.
Donnacha’s blog
The two fourth classes and the two third classes drove across the border be t ween Dublin and Wicklow to Clara
Lara .I came first in go k arts and Artiom just managed to come second. Me and Artiom had some refreshing
ice-cream as soon as we got there, Later on we bought fizzy drinks and chips, they were very tasty. We had a
great time
Alex’s school blog
Hi all readers,
Yesterday on the 15th of June my classmates and I travelled on a bus to Clara Lara fun park. In Clara
Lara there was a water slide in which to get to the top you had to carry a heavy board up a steep hill. There
was also a go kart with brightly coloured karts,a lake in which you could swing off a knotted rope into the
water and a lake for kayaking in. My favourite things were the go kart racing because it was as if you were
racing lawn mowers. And the lake with a Tarzan swing and the balance beam that seemed to be greased
with olive oil. On the way back from Wicklow it was hard to get a seat because of the to 3rd classes and
the other 4th class. I must thank Mr. Williams for arranging such a wonderful school tour.
Luke’s Blog
On Wednesday the 15th of June we went to Clara Lara. We left the school at 9:15am. We got there at 10:00 (Clara Lara was inWicklow). We got there on a double decker bus and my partners were James and Adam.The two forth classes and the third classes and there teachers were on the tour.I went on the Tarzan swing into a lake. And went canoeing.
Cormac’s blog
Hi I’m Cormac and I’m going to tell you about my school tour.I came in to school on the 15th of June and I felt giddy. I was ready to go to Clara Lara in Wicklow.Soon enough Ms Murphy’s 4ths and Mr Lynch’s 4th class were getting on one bus and the third classes got on another . The journey took ages . Over an hour . I think when we finally got to Clara Lara . Witch is in Wicklow by the way we were given an armband . It was just past ten on a sunny day in the middle of June the 15th to be exact.
Christopher’s blog
Hi yesterday I went on one of my favourite school tours ever.It was amazing we came into school like a normal
school day we came in at 8:50 and left for the bus at 9:15. We got on the bus and started the long journey for
Clara Lara in co.Wiclow when we got to Clara Lara me and my partner James first we went on the go carts and
later on me Zara aobh and James went on a boat the water looked really dirty and if you were wondering why
we went
Thomas’s blog
On Wednesday the15th of June the two fourth and third classes travelled to Clara Lara. Cormac and I ran off. I rushed to the massive tree house. I explored every inch of it. After I walked to the pirate ship,it was crowded with kids. Next I queued up for the boats. Cormac ran from behind the cafe. I ran towards him. Cormac said he was going on the go-karts then he ran off again. I queued kioching. After that I played on the zipline over and over again . Then I took my lunch and ate it.
Zara’s blog!!!
Hi everyone yesterday was our school tour it was amazing. I arrived at school and ms murphy called out the rolla. After a couple of minutes past we lined up. I was partners with Lola. The third class and their teachers and the other
Lochlann kelly
My school tour
It was a great tour. My partner was Justin mainly for the bus but we did most things together .The 4th class and the 3rd class were going to Clara Lara in Wicklow Clara Lara is a fun park with lots of atractsions. There’s two sections in Clara Lara the playground and the water park the playground is the bit where there’s basically all the atractsions where you don’t get wet and other involve getting wet.When Justin and I were in the bus we played a card game